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Re: Did Abrams really save the franchise?

mos6507 wrote: View Post
Do we always have to keep going down the same rhetorical path? We're going to start deconstructing classic Trek yet again to bring it down to JJ Trek's level?
You're assuming that Abram's Trek is bad as a premise to your argument, here. I don't hold that opinion, so your argument is unsound.

The point is that Trek has always had intellectual qualities, but it wasn't necessarily "smart" or "forcing you to THINK".

Warped9 wrote: View Post
Entertainment and social commentary are not mutually exclusive.
I didn't say they were. I said I didn't like social commentary in my fiction.

BillJ wrote: View Post
And I happen to think that Star Trek Into Darkness works on those same levels.
Yes, absolutely. It's just not done in the same way.
And that's my opinion.
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