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Re: WTF: Amazon is going to see legal fan fiction

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Why pay a pro when the fanficcers will do it for free.
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what's to keep someone from ripping stories from (example) and selling them?
Did I miss something?
I thought the writers would be getting paid.

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Amazon . . . will pay royalties to both the writer and the IP owner.
Itís just that Amazon is ďfindingĒ the writers and prose by looking at pre-existing fanfic work that hasnít yet been officially published.
Seems like a no-brainer, no-big-deal to me. But maybe Iím missing something.
There's no upfront cost to the IP Holder/Publisher. I (the IP Holder/Publisher) wouldn't being paying you (the fanfic writer) and advance or any other fee to write the book. Where as under the Kindle scheme: You write the book, it sells you get a % of the money (probably Kindle's 35% / 30% they've been pushing on Kindle authors for a while), Amazon keeps their "download fee", and the IP holder cash the check. I've not paid you, you've paid me a portion of your sell for the "license" to write in my franchise.
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