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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?


The thought of revising FJ's drawings (deck plans) is intriguing to say the least. I think as important has those plans are to fans and starship aficionados, they could do with an up dating. The big question though is more of a where to start, than anything else?

The Enterprise was seen to have gone through at least three revisions Pilot, Early Production and Late Production. (The later two being visually defined by the refit of Main Engineering.) My old and venerable second printing of FJ's plans list a release date of 7404.12 (which I take to mean April, 12 1974), but has no revision level. So going from an engineering approach, what do we assign as the Rev level of this drawing?

There is in existence an older drawing set (three views and an inboard profile) which we could say are the Rev "-" or release drawings, seen in one episode on the bridge turbo lift entry. That would then make the April 12, 1974 drawings the Rev "A" revision release. An the newer (our proposed) up date the Rev "B". This way we avoid being accused of attempting to invalidate previous work(s).

A Note: While we are looking at the title block, I see two boxes, in the first we see Drawn By: and Franz Joseph's signature, next to it we see a box labeled App'd: (approved) : and Gene Roddenberry's name is lettered in. In engineering parlance this means Gene Roddenberry is the approving authority, but has not signed off on, or approved the drawing.

Next would come the definition of the scope of our revision and the redlining of a copy of the previously released drawings. Or in other words, hash out the details of what we intend to do.

For my part I would like to see the same format and stile of drawing, with necessary auxiliary views and details added on in the form of separate sheets after the last page. Also it might be a nice touch to add a separate revision page with delta notes calling out in what episode or season the change was first seen.

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