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Re: WTF: Amazon is going to see legal fan fiction

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Seems to me like it's not much different than Strange New Worlds. Just getting permission to publish stories for the IP using "untried" authors.
Apart from the quality control and editing aspects.

Even if there is some sort of quality editing done, the guidance and direction of editorial teams will not happen. You can pretty much forget the 'coherent universe' that we currently enjoy.

This could be a 'way in' for budding writers, in the same way as Trek TV's old open submission policy, but it could also damage the position of our current (and appreciated) authors, and thus official Treklit.
Agreed, there won't be quality control and editing. Agreed, we can wave goodbye to coherent continuity in the fan fiction.

Disagree on damage to the current authors and official Treklit. I don't see fan fiction in any way overriding or chipping away at professional fiction, at least when it comes to Star Trek for the reasons you mentioned: quality and editing.

I think most people who read Treklit today are going to want to continue consuming official (EDIT) professional Trek novels. While publishing fan fiction would give a fillip to budding new authors to try their hand, it is what it is: fiction written by amateurs who could turn out professional work occasionally.

They could co-exist. Just as someone we know likes to say, Trek has room for many different kinds of stories and universes, so does it have room for different kinds of publishing.
It is a fact in your opinion.

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