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Re: Did Abrams really save the franchise?

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What I want from Star Trek is to be forced to THINK. I can get entertainment from the Hangover franchise, or Star Wars
When's the last time Star Trek forced you to THINK ?

Really ? Not much of that in TOS or the previous movies. And the other series were mostly entertainment. Did you mean that you want smart or well-made science-fiction ? Then sure.

But force you to think ? I don't remember Star Trek doing that for me.

I watched TOS as a young kid, and it constantly forced me to think about issues in ways I never thought of before.

TNG, when I was a teenager, always made me think through moral and ethical dilemmas that otherwise I would not have had exposure to.

DS9 ran me through the wringer, asking me to think deeply about heavy heavy issues, never before tackled in TREK universe. It made me question things that no other TV sci-fi dared touch.

That is why I read sci-fi, and watch sci-fi shows and movies. I want to have my brain forced to tackle issues that otherwise I may never consider, whether those are technical/scientific issues, or morality issues, or inter-personal/inter-species issues.

Star Wars does not do that. I liken Star Wars more to a myth to be reflected upon, large symbols with which the viewer can add their own interpretation.
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