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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

The first thing that really hurt suspension of disbelief were the scenes with the swimmers effortlessly swimming down. After all, a split second before they didn't even have masks on!
I really don't understand this bit. What would be wrong with people swimming, say, twenty meters down without masks or flippers or other such equipment? I do it every so often, without much effort.

Is it that there's too little struggling with the limbs? But you wouldn't need that if you aren't buoyant but instead a bit denser than water, something fairly easily accomplished.

The second thing that really hurt suspension of disbelief was the ship falling but people not being in free fall. The scenes really did not suggest the ship's gravity was malfunctioning.
So why would anybody be in free fall? Artificial gravity exists to prevent that very thing!

PS Marcus is the one talking about Section 31 and he's lying through his teeth, raising the question whether there really is such a thing.
The same thing goes for Sloane in DS9. We have no evidence that he ever had an organization to back him up - his only colleagues were observed on a holodeck! For all we know, he was simply a former SF Intel agent who went crazy and rogue, with a few nuggets of important information that he could spin fantastic tales around.

Timo Saloniemi
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