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Re: Did Abrams really save the franchise?

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What I want from Star Trek is to be forced to THINK. I can get entertainment from the Hangover franchise, or Star Wars
When's the last time Star Trek forced you to THINK ?

Really ? Not much of that in TOS or the previous movies. And the other series were mostly entertainment. Did you mean that you want smart or well-made science-fiction ? Then sure.

But force you to think ? I don't remember Star Trek doing that for me.
Do we always have to keep going down the same rhetorical path? We're going to start deconstructing classic Trek yet again to bring it down to JJ Trek's level?

Trek may not be THE most cerebral entertainment, but it's hard to argue that JJ Trek has any cerebral qualities whatsoever.
That's because people keep making these sweeping statements that invariably compare the new movies to some pure, platonic ideal of STAR TREK that never really existed.

"Star Trek was about real science!"

"Star Trek was non-violent!"

"Star Trek never catered to general audiences!"

"Star Trek never stooped to sex and titillation!"

Such grandiose overstatements invariably cry out for a reality check . . . .
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