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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

7x13-Grace: A Carter focused show that takes place on the Prometheus. Carter wants the ship to stop by a nearby unusual nebulous that doesn't act like any they ever seen. The ship is testing some new equipment and the Captain agrees. When they stop it isn't long till an unknown ship shows up posturing in an aggressive manner and it's a superior ship. The Prometheus flees into the nebulous cloud while taking damage. Carter is knocked unconscious during this, she awakens to find herself alone on the ship. She begins to hallucinate and while she sees visions of what her SG-1 comrades would do the leading vision is of a 10-ish yr old girl who identifies herself as Grace. Sam manages to save the ship and in doing so realizes the aforementioned attacking aliens have also succumbed to a paralyzing situation on the outskirts of the cloud, despite having kidnapped the crew of the Prometheus. In a monologue agreement she tells the aliens how to break free of the clouds influence(which by the way is believed to be a living organism that was treating them as an infection of sorts) if they return her crew. All works out in the end. However we the viewer are left who/what was Grace? Did the Cloud being project her? Did the kidnapping aliens? Was she just one of Sam's hallucinations?

7x14-Fallout: The return of Jonas Quinn, yeah! My first thought was...they better not kill him now. We find out that Quinn's home world has now settled on a joint name(which I can't recall right now) for their planet and the 3 warring nations are in an uneasy truce. It seems the naquadah on the planet is being converted underground into the more powerful if unstable naquadria(the spelling on these is too close imo). Come to find out Quinn's country actually inadvertently started the conversion when they unleashed a weapon meant to halt the other warring nations from attacking. We discover they have a drilling machine that was co-enginered by Jonas' co-worker...who may be more than that to Jonas. We actually find out she is much more altogether. Seems she is a Gou'ald informant working for Ba'al. They are going to use the drilling ship to get to the source of the problem and attempt to stop the conversion. If it continues it will explode and destroy the planet. Jonas is repulsed that is co-worker and kinda girlfriend is a Gou'ald but she agrees to help for a variety of mixed reasons. Primary being it seems the symbiote actually is in love with Jonas. We also see that this young planet still has a lot of growing pains. I suspect Quinns planet is a strong metaphor or our own. Would the nations of our world suddenly be able to drop centuries of uncertainty about one another is Aliens and Power Mad denizens suddenly dropped out of the sky? We'd like to think so....but maybe we'd be just as blind as Quinn's worlds three main countries. Oh, and Quinn doesn't die, yeah!! Kinda thought they might for some reason...just because.

7x15-Chimera: The return of Osiris aka Daniel's old girlfriend Sarah!! You know Gou'ald don't get many appearances if you aren't Anubis, they planning on killing Osiris/Sarah off? I'm on death watch. So Osiris is manipulating Daniels dreams to recall a relic with translations on it that could lead to the Lost City of the Ancients. Also going on is that Sam seems to have been set up by a friend of a friend and romantic sparks have kindled. He's a cop and is fed the cover story about her just being a deep space researcher. He can tell she's lying, he reminds her "I'm a cop, I can tell these things you know". Daniel with the help of Teal'c finds out that these recurring nightly dreams of Sarah may in fact be that Osiris is coming by his house. You know, they never address just how Osiris got to Earth in the first place. I don't recall the last place we saw her, but it wasn't on Earth. Thought it was that big Gou'ald meet up in space. Meanwhile Sam's happiness is beginning to bustle up. While sharing an elevator ride with Jack she is happily humming. Jack inquires "who is he?". Now the curious thing here, outside the Jack/Sam discussion of a that I'm fairly certain Sam was humming the opening notes of the Stargate intro music? I backed it up a few times, am I right or just imagining it? So Sam's cop boy toy, Pete, does some digging via an FBI friend and yep, Sam is in deep. He knows she is officially not exactly what she he does a stake out on her. Kinda creepy, no?
Daniel goes along with things cause he to, want's to know where the Lost City is, an elaborate trap is set for Osiris and SG-1 does it's own stake out at Daniel's place...where Pete has also tailed Sam to. Battle with Osiris happens and she is captured, Pete is injured and all go back to Cheyenne Mountain. The symbiote is removed from Sarah, Pete is on the mend and Sam is allowed to tell him a certain level of truth. one dies, love is in bloom at the SGC. Can we expect Daniel and Sarah to get back together? Will Pete and Sam continue? I like the Sarah character so I hope so. Pete I'm indifferent to after the one episode.

7x16-Death Knell: So Death is in the title...who dies? Maybe I was right to be on guard. So the new Alpha site that houses the Tarrae, Jaffa, Tok'ra alliance is AGAIN found out, this time by Anubis. He sends a few of his new drone clones out fully equipped with their energy absorbing armor to destroy the place. Sam and her dad Jacob are both there studying the results of their latest test. Seems the Alpha site has been working up a way around this new energy absorbing armor, Anubis knows this and wishes to shut it down. Jacob is injured in the attack, Sam moreso but she is able to flee with the device. A number of all 3 cooperating divisions lose men, none moreso than the Tarrae. While there is some excitement in the chase of the Clone Warrior stalking a limping Sam(who seems to go McGuyver on us with the weapon) that's not really the important part of this episode. This incident actually manages to break apart the Union of the Tarrae, Jaffa and Tok'ra. Now, I think they will still help each other out as situations arise but the Alliance of mutual exchange of information(since that wasn't really working anyway) is now over. The Tok'ra also feel that due to their more proactive Alliance they are losing more members which they can't easily replace. So what dies? The Alliance. A metaphorical death, I can deal with that as they will surely work together still as it's called for.
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