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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

From a guy on forum.

Early Sales Report and Trends for Memorial Day Weekend at my theater chain - FAST6, HNOV3, EPIC, TREK2

Posted by: nilephelan on May 23, 07:27

Here is what our early ticket sales look like for Thurs-Mon across our markets.....

FAST6 - Very, very strong with multiple weekend showings already sold out

HNOV3 - Sales are weak. Didn't come close to selling out the 10pm's last night in a smaller house. Not looking good.

EPIC - Fairly normal, usually don't see a huge bump until the day of the show.

TREK2 - Selling nearly as well as FAST6. Looks like it could have a big weekend. Legs have been strong all week for this one.

Gatsby is also holding very well while Iron Man 3 is non-existent for early sales, but that isn't surprising given Gatsby is a date movie and Iron Man 3 has been out 4 weekends now and sales for those movies aren't strong until day of.

Overall, it is looking like this could be a record setting weekend for us. So much better than last year.
Again, pinch of salt required but perhaps some cautious optimism ?
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