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Re: Did Abrams really save the franchise?

Someone would've come along and "saved" it.

I prefer to think after Nemesis and Enterprise that the franchise went into a lull. I was fully braced for no new meaningful Trek for a good decade. Then Paramount handed things to Abrams. Like it, Love it, or Hate it Abrams did something that had been missing since Roddenberry & Berman brought TNG to us in syndication. Abrams did a similar, if not identical thing....created new fans. That can't be ignored. When Trek 11(as I like to call it) came out and soared past $100m, then $200m it was clear that Star Trek was really popular, not really niche anymore. That kinda pleased me. Even at the height of Treks 90's incarnations on TV & Film Trek was still viewed as just a popular niche, now with Trek 11 it was general audience cool!

I know Abrams will be busy with SW:ep7 next but hope he at least Executive Produces the next installment. Cause Trek 12 is still likely to cross $200m domestic again and after WW#'s that is sure to lead to Trek 13!!
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