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Re: Well, THIS makes me feel old...

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Well, there's hope for the newer generation if they know that Batman & Robin was crap....

There are people in college and the military who were born when Bill Clinton was president. I voted for him twice.

I was born when Nixon was president. I was the sixties! Which isn't bad...having been born in late '69, I always felt sorry for my classmates who were born in the seventies.
It's that he actually asked such a question. Was this movie thought of as bad in those days too? I was floored, then I realized oh yeah, he was born in 1997, so to him it is "those days". But in his mind when he watched "Batman and Robin", he actually was confused to if this was perhaps a well recieved, cool movie in 1997 but then just grew into complete shit because it got older.

I felt like an old man straightening out how things where in the late 1990s to a teenager. Sometimes I even have to explain the early 2000s to some younger teenagers. Don't even get me started on how they view the 80s and earlier 1990s, might as well be the 1880s to them. But I guess I had the same attitudes about stuff I considered "before my time" as well, it just sucks when you're on the older end of it. It was a lot more fun when I was the young punk asking people older then me about the old days and assuming anyone significantly older then me had no taste.
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