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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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I think this goes to the very heart of the question for technical fandom, i.e. what’s the “first duty” of tech manuals/plans etc.; is it to a realistic portrayal of a fictional universe, or to slavish adherence to “what’s onscreen”?
Why does a realistic portrayal of a fictional universe exclude ("or") challenging adherence to what's onscreen?

And who determines which (deck) plans are more realistic than the others (e.g. is Franz Joseph's double-bedroom bathroom realistic when it has two separate toilet seats for each of the occupants)?

Like Warped9 just stated Gene Roddenberry insisted to keep technical matters vague although that didn't always work.

Apparently, Scotty's excitement about "ion propulsion" in "Spock's Brain" referred to a different kind of "ion propulsion" than what we usually associate with that term.

In any case you'll probably have dozens of rationalizations and twice the amount of different opinions.

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