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Re: Did Abrams really save the franchise?


I read your OP, and I respect your opinion, since I personally think there's more to you than just the typical random trufan/Abrams-hater that tends to post inane drivel. However, I'd caution you about thinking that you know more about Trek's past history than someone else only on the basis of your age. That's condescending to younger fans who may indeed know all about that history even though they may not have been around when it was happening, or participated in it.

As for a response: While you might argue that Abrams didn't "save the franchise," I'd argue that he definitely made it incredibly popular again, both with fans and casual viewers alike. And IMHO, that's the best thing that ever could have happened to Trek, being taken seriously by fans and non-fans alike. But you're correct about times having changed. Unlike in the past, catering to a relatively small niche audience will not save Star Trek. Appealing to a broad spectrum of people (and yes, even the people who crave mind-numbing action-adventure) gives Trek a chance to survive, even if it may not be what you personally want it to be.
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