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My idea would be to have Neelix and a few Voyager members go to some space station (kinda like Mos Eisley), and buy another small starship (to replace the shuttles). This would include creative negotiating and some close encounters.

I would also include a scene in a bar where the band is singing Third Day's song "Alien".

This would be an episode with some longlasting consequences.
How did they get that song? What Alpha Quadrant folk brought it there and where are they now? .
Like the Walking Dead universe, where George A. Romero never made a "Night of the living Dead" movie, in the Voyager universe, Third Day never recorded this song.

And I am guessing most Trek fans haven't heard it either, and wouldn't be bothered by its use.

I'm listing to that song now.. it is too rocky for Star Trek. In Star Trek people only listen to classical or jazz. The only rock music is a brief snippet of Klingon rock and Zephram Cochrane's juke box. Even a hipster dude like Paris doesn't listen to vintage rock.
you ARE right, modern Trek has been pretty narrow minded in the use of music.

Part of the idea with the scene is that it is indeed sung by aliens...perhaps a subplot of the singer wanting to be freed from captivity, so the song is an actual plea for help, that just happened to fit the music.

They could also modify the music and make it sound more alien.
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