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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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This also raises the question of how a new tech manual should treat outdated tech from the show itself, how can we be faithful to the original design/intent but at the same time bring TOS/TAS into the 21st century (and/or beyond)? I think this goes to the very heart of the question for technical fandom, i.e. what’s the “first duty” of tech manuals/plans etc.; is it to a realistic portrayal of a fictional universe, or to slavish adherence to “what’s onscreen”? Sometimes we can find a happy medium, as with Warped9’s Galileo, other times this seems all but hopeless.
I think this is at the heart of the issue. When I look at TOS there are a lot of things that can still work and be rationalized through advanced science and technology largely because TOS often kept technical matters vague. Their basic approach seemed to be: we don't really need to explain it, just show that it works. This allows the technology to be rationalized more easily further down the road.
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