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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

I think I'm going to start a new thread so we can talk about the above convoluted logic and other similar issues in a more appropriate context. But for now...

Moving on to more topical and fruitful areas of discussion, another way to look at "updating" FJ's (or any) tech manual would be to keep up with whatever real science or technology is involved. Take FJ's computer core for example; While I like what he did, I agree with the notion that our real world computer tech has moved on and made what he did obsolete, so any updating should include a new design?

This also raises the question of how a new tech manual should treat outdated tech from the show itself, how can we be faithful to the original design/intent but at the same time bring TOS/TAS into the 21st century (and/or beyond)? I think this goes to the very heart of the question for technical fandom, i.e. what’s the “first duty” of tech manuals/plans etc.; is it to a realistic portrayal of a fictional universe, or to slavish adherence to “what’s onscreen”? Sometimes we can find a happy medium, as with Warped9’s Galileo, other times this seems all but hopeless.
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