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Re: What's up with some DS9 fanboys' attitude?

DS9 fans are the way they are (seemingly arrogant, prideful, etc.) because of the way DS9 and it's fans have been treated by the general Trek culture. DS9 was, from the first, insulted, demeaned, ridiculed, and denigrated by Trek TOS and TNG fans. That's just the facts. Any 'Tude you feel from DS9 fans is in response to the insults hurled at us and at OUR SHOW since it began in the 90's.

DS9 was always seen as the bastard Trek, as the "one that got it wrong." That is a load of CRAP. DS9 was the only Trek show with balls enough to do what it did over and over and over and never getting soft, never getting simple-minded. While all other Treks worked at creating great stories, DS9 was creating ART.

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