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Re: Star Trek III - The Vengeance Of Khan

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Well, there's nothing original about using the Klingons either - they're a prefab menace at this point. I've no doubt that these producers can make that exciting, though.
The difference there, though, is that the Klingons are an entire race. Khan is just one man. There's more room for originality with the Klingons, in my opinion.

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Doing a close-up on Khan's cryotube at the end of the movie constitutes anything but having the character "out of their systems." This movie really plays like a set-up for a bigger confrontation and given the somewhat soft box office opening for Into Darkness I expect they'll want to pay off their investment is setting up Cumberbatch/Khan in this one right away.
You could be right about that, but I hope they don't bring him back so quickly. I said in another thread, I didn't think it was a good idea to lift things out of The Wrath of Khan. In my opinion, if you're going to lift anything, I would have preferred they pull material from the original Space Seed episode.

But, yes, you do get that feeling they are setting it up for an even bigger confrontation. They probably would have killed him otherwise. I'm just glad they didn't maroon him.
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