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As the license holder to all things Trek, CBS owns it in all its various incarnations, and could set a new series in the Abramsverse if they wanted to and Abrams, Bad Robot, and Paramount can't say anything about it.

Their being the "license holder" does not mean that they own copyright to Paramount's movies.
No yourself.

CBS owns the Star Trek IP (and works derived from it). Paramount's ownership extends only to the release and distribution of the actual film, but the licensing of its actual content belongs to CBS.

(the above will probably be updated soon with Star Trek XII).

OTOH, they could certainly do their own new version of TOS without any reference to the Abramsverse.
It's not like Paramount will have a say in it anyway.
That's funny. The text on my DVD of Star Trek (2009) clearly assigns copyright to both MavroCine Pictures and Paramount Pictures. Trademarks and logos are assigned to CBS Studios Inc.
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