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Re: TWOK remade scene?

I liked it better than TWOK. And I had even run across spoilers before even watching the movie so I knew everything. Didn't stop me from sobbing the first time I saw it because the interaction between the two characters felt truly genuine to me. I think it was immensely harder for Spock to watch his friend die than it was for Spock to die himself. And of course, Kirk saying "I'm scared" was where I lost it. I even teared up listening to that part in the soundtrack yesterday (I can pretty much watch the movie in my head while listening to a good soundtrack). Why? Because I thought about Kirk putting his hand on the glass. It has different meaning (in my mind) than when Spock did it. Spock does it to comfort his friend- Kirk dies it because he doesn't want to die alone- he wants to be comforted. It's harder to watch someone so young die than someone who is older. And of course Spock, grappling with his feelings of helplessness, starts to cry. I felt that the scream worked in two ways- it was an outpouring of rage AND it broke the tension of the scene. You knew he was about to deliver and ass-kicking. And I find it incredibly believable that Spock could beat Khan...khan had just CRASHED in a SHIP... It's going to take its toll on everyone. So, there's why I liked that scene and why I didn't cry at all at the first scene (did tear up when old Kirk choked up at the funeral, but that was it).
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