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Re: Worlds of DS9 - Thoughts and review. SPOILER ALERT.

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Nothing in the show ever suggested that the Founders actually believed their own hype. They never claimed that they believed themselves to be gods. They just set themselves up as gods to the Vorta and Jem'Hadar as an extra level of control.
Still was weird that they would admit to a JemHadar that they are not gods.
In addition, the answer to the ultimate question: why send out those specific hundered doesn't really add up. Even if they weren't infants, they were still changelings who could not transform. Not really the type you would send out when every life is precious.

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And you didn't even mention the Taran'atar-Kira thing
I knew something was wrong with the escape story. Thought is was just a writer's mistake. If I was in charge of a prison out in space and one of the inmates escaped the cell, the FIRST thing I would do would be to make sure ALL ships left immediately so as to remove any possible escape route.

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Do you mean obvious in terms of what Shar did, or of what Thia did?
I was talking about the way Thia became part of the four.

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But seeing Garak, O'Brien, Macet and Yevir team up is kind of a wacky idea that works out brilliantly.
My thoughts exactly

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No idea about the Waltons

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How did you feel about the series as a whole? There was some discussion IIRC about a sense of repetitiveness - all the stories involved tension between conservative versus progressive forces in government. Obviously that can only be a deliberate theme - do we allow the past to define us, or do we redefine ourselves in the now in response to our current circumstances? And that applies both on a global scale, with all the cultures in some level of upheaval, and on a personal scale, with all the various break-ups and get-togethers and near-misses.
In spite of all I wrote I definitely enjoyed it overall.
It's like with the epsiodes. There are some you like more and some you like less.
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