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Re: Greg's Trek Ships and Things

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I agree. Used to play Descent on the office network circa 1998.

One of my old art teachers used to say that nothing truly original is ever really created because we are a product of our environment.
Considering I still have no idea what that game is and never heard or seen it before...
It was a DOS game released in 1994. This screenshot won't show you the outside of the ship, but you can see its top view in the display at the bottom. I can see a passing similarity to your Klingon fighter myself, but you could probably do the same for dozens of sci-fi fighter ships.
Heck, in some ways the Descent fighter looks like an X-Wing that was washed in hot water.
I hope you don't think that I'm criticizing your work STR. Personally I think your stuff rocks.
"Some drink from the fountain of knowledge; others just gargle."
Also, I am reminded of the immortal words of Socrates who said, "I drank what?"
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