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Re: Latest acquisition!

Star Trek novelizations by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

Tonight numerous Sydney CBD bookstores had local editions of the "Star Trek Into Darkness" novelization. It's a Simon & Schuster UK publication, but printed and bound in Australia by Griffin Press @$AU 19.99 ea. I think the last locally-printed Trek novelizations were TMP (with colour photos insert) and ST II! Sometimes we get UK or "international" versions.

As you can see, the trade paperback is a larger format trade than the US edition that came out for "Star Trek" (2009). Did I read correctly that the US is getting a hardcover this time?

Also picked up "The Shocks of Adversity", the new TOS novel by William Leisner. It was only $AU 9.99. Amazingly inexpensive to what we are accustomed. The US cover price is $7.99 and Canadian is $9.99. It seems Simon & Schuster Australia is doing a similar deal to the last movie, by reducing the costs of the current novel, or at least absorbing most of the freight costs to get lots of cheaper-rate new stock onto shelves. It lasted about four months last time.

Our Aussie dollar almost has parity with the US at the moment, but in the old days we could usually expect to pay triple the US cover price for air freighted copies, or we could wait three loooong months and get slow-boat copies for about double US cover price. The last few novels have been around $13.99.

Downloaded an iTunes version of the STiD soundtrack this week. Beautiful! Will be sending off to Amazon for a CD.
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