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Re: WTF: Amazon is going to see legal fan fiction

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Seems to me like it's not much different than Strange New Worlds. Just getting permission to publish stories for the IP using "untried" authors.
Apart from the quality control and editing aspects.

Even if there is some sort of quality editing done, the guidance and direction of editorial teams will not happen. You can pretty much forget the 'coherent universe' that we currently enjoy.

This could be a 'way in' for budding writers, in the same way as Trek TV's old open submission policy, but it could also damage the position of our current (and appreciated) authors, and thus official Treklit.

On the plus side, authors not currently being employed like KRAD and David A McKintee could easily (should they wish) self produce novels which a lot of us would jump at.

It's swings and roundabouts I suppose, but I am concerned that the drawbacks may outweigh the advantages...
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