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Re: Return to the Dollhouse

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The premise also sounds really stupid.
And Buffy's didn't??
Let's face it. Stupid premises is how Whedon works. "A blonde meets a vampire in a dark alley and kicks his ass." "Cowboys in space speaking Chinese." "Vampire with a soul hunts other vampires" is the least stupid.

The most stupid is Dollhouse, which is dedicated to an indentured servitude/brainwashing operation that does nothing but teach cute people to do stuff that more experienced normal people already know how to do. Need a hostage negotiator? Rent a doll! Or, you know, hire an actual hostage negotiator! Need a bodyguard? Rent a doll! Or, like, consult a private security firm! Need somebody to fuck? Is it seriously so hard for rich people to find just the right high class hooker or gigolo that you have to wipe people's minds just to provide them?

One of the biggest mysteries in the history of television is why Fox gave this show a second season after seeing any episodes of the first.
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