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Re: First World Problems

I brought a new lap top at the tail end of last year and after owning it for less than six months, I've had to send it off to Samsung to get repaired as it's had 1. numerous blue screens of death, 2. most recently it's stopped registering the the DVD drive.

So I've finally sent it off to Samsung to be repaired/replaced and I have a loan lap top from PC World for how ever the former lasts, and it's a pile of shite, the battery has no charge, so if I disconnect the power cable it dies, and if it does, it reverts back to factory settings meaning I have to keep it either on my desk, or near my bed because if I swap, it dies, reverts to factory settings and I need to input the bloody network key and all my passwords and the like. I miss my Lap Top!

On a plus side, my new subscribers issue of SFX just dropped through the letter box.
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