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Welcome to the Official Star Trek Enterprise Avatar Contest!

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R. Star wrote: View Post
Well, voting has ended and we have a tie in two of the three categories!!

But we have a case of... dun dun dun..... VOTER FRAUD!

Seems Reanok voted twice in each category. Surely an accident!

So a recount is in order, but worry not I'm more efficient than the state of Florida! So in the interest of fairness, counting everyone's votes and breaking all the ties, I'm going to adjust the voting results counting Reanok's two votes in each category as 0.5 each.

So with that...

Orac takes first place in the Episode contest with hibernating Phlox!

While I lost half a vote, just coming in second with Trip/Tucker bondage!

I did cleanly take the Lower Decks contest with Amanda Cole.. too bad she wasn't around more, she was cute!

While JiNX-01 came in second, loosing half a vote due to voter fraud, with her combustible redshirt!

Despite once again falling victim to voter fraud, loosing half a vote I won the Biography with Captain Ego-- I mean Kir-- I mean Quirk! Quark?

Here's looking at jespah, taking second place!

And just to allay confusion, here are the altered voting results! Dang... voter fraud cost me the near clean sweep

jespah: 0
JiNX-01: 2.5
Orac: 4
R. Star: 3.5

jespah: 1
JiNX-01: 3.5
Orac: 1.5
R. Star: 4

jespah: 3
JiNX-01: 1.5
Orac: 2
R. Star: 3.5

So, I hope that clears things up for everyone and this wasn't too out of hand. Seemed the fairest way to do things, and no worries Reanok.. it all worked out as it broke all the ties!

So... Orac chooses the next Episode, myself the next theme and the next Random!

Here's the previous categories that have been picked!

1 Impulse
2 Regeneration
3 Harbinger
4 Bounty
5 The Forge
6 Shuttlepod One
7 Twilght
8 E2
10 United
11 Carbon Creek
12 Borderland
13 Azati Prime
14 Damage
15 In a Mirror Darkly I
16 Bound
17 This Ain’t The Valentine
18 Minefield
19 2 Days and 2 Nights

1 In Peril
2 Travis
3 Scary Stuff
4 Tight Spaces
5 Icky Makeup
6 Absent Aliens
7 Technology
8 Comedy
9 Archer's Journey
10 Shran
11 Food and Drink
12 Trek actor crossovers
13 Captain Archer
14 Topless
15 Phlox
16 Hoshi
17 T’Pol
18 Starships
19 Lower Decks

1 Dream Jobs
2 Turtles
3 Autumn
4 Jack'o Lanterns
5 Favorite Foods
6 Space Shuttle
7 Funny Signs
8 Supernatural
9 Horses
10 Allies-Holidays
11 Partners/sidekicks
12 Bugs Bunny
13 John Wayne
14 Horror Movies
15 Sweat
16 Cryptozoology
17 Ancient Civilizations
18 Bridges
19 Biographies

The ENT THEME shall be Soval.

The RANDOM THEME shall be Flags

So we're waiting on Orac now!
This weeks themes are:

Episode: Marauders

Enterprise Theme: Soval

Random Theme: Flags

Avatars should be no bigger than 150x150 pixels or 140 kb.

Well what are you waiting for? Enter now!
"Sorry, miss. I was giving myself an oil-job."
- Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet)

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