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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise

@teacake Thanks. Sounds nice.

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Well, I thought about trying to watch TNG again. I've never seen most of it, but when I tried watching season 1 twice it didn't work out. Maybe 3rd times a charm?
TNG's my second favorite series but yeah... season 1 is among the worst of Trek, I'll freely admit. Season two is average at best and it's really season 3 when the show finds it's own unique identity instead of falling back onto TOS seemingly.

Honestly, given the episodic nature of the show... you wouldn't miss much if you just skipped season 1 if you're having that much of a hard time getting through it.
I'm so glad you said that. I think I might do that. I remember liking what I saw of it as a kid, and I know a lot of people that really like it as a series, so it would be nice to understand it. Plus I like Data.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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