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Re: Jeri Ryan possibly responsible for Obama's presidency?

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She was offended by being asked to do consensual sex stuff with her husband at a sex club she willingly entered?

That's like walking into a car dealership and then being disgusted that someone tries to sell you a car.


If she didn't want to be asked if she wanted to be locked into a sex swing, then she shouldn't have ordered a drink and sat down to watch others have a good time in the swing.

Two faced prude.

Is it that the swing wasn't cleaned inbetween turns?

There must be more information that makes Jack out to be a bad guy?

Was she unwittingly lead into the joint blindfolded?

I'm assuming they paid a thousand dollars each at the door to get in?

You see, that's what I'd have a problem with!

America is starving but this is what they spend their money on?

They could have started a college tuition fund for underprivileged kids with what...


I suppose if Prostitution was illegal, which is silly, then that would be good tool to throw about in the divorce, but frack, Jeri was a willing participant and just as good or bad as Jack... Unless here's more information as I said.

This is silly.
Who gives a shit? If, at any point, she said, "No, I don't want to do this," then it means no. I don't care if she was already naked and was already in the middle of having sex with someone. If she says no, then it's over.

Tell me, what is it called when a person says no to some sexual activity but is coerced into continuing anyway?
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