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Does it really need an on screen why? They were smarter looking than the previous uniforms and more comfortable looking than the TNG ones and for me were the perfect TNG era uniform.

For the record, because we all like lists my (current) preferred duty uniform list is (top 5);
  1. "JJverse" Gold/Red/Blue
  2. First Contact
  3. TWOK but only as a dress uniform
  4. TOS Gold/Red/Blue
  5. TMP specifically the short sleeve shirt

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Knew I forgot one. I'd plug the future uniforms in between the early Ds9/VOY and TNG uniforms.

I did think they had the best looking comm badge of the lot though.
The All Good Things uniform? Their combadge is indeed the best in my mind also, paired with the First Contact uniform and its even better!

And as I have jumped on the lists bandwagon...heres my duty insignia edition
  1. "JJverse"
  2. TMP Admiral Kirk metal badge (and Kirks STIND version as an extension)
  3. All Good Things
  4. Generations
  5. TWOK officers badge
If I hadnt limited it to 5 the TOS and TMP ones would have come in joint 6th.

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Because it would just be terrible for the audience to see something as functional as a zipper.
Especially seeming there is a very visible zipper running down the front of their jumpsuits in early seasons and down the back later on!

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That would be far more practical than wearing two communicators, so I'm inclined to agree there.
Just as practical as Sisko wearing his 'Captains Vest' under his jacket in Rocks and Shoals, a jacket which is shown to be made of the same material as the jacket and meant to be for alternate wear.

Or Kirk having a second Starfleet badge on his vest under his regular jacket in Generations!
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