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Re: Pope: Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed

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Take that, Pascal!!

Not sure if this is an entirely good thing.
Maybe this will help against the hate towards atheist:

Then again, many Catholics might feel, that it lets atheists of the hook and resent them more as "free loaders"; getting the big reward without the work:
Commandments 1-3, anyone?
Recalling elementary school with the nuns, no, I don't think so at large. The classes emphasized following the rules in full faith. Following the rules of the Church without believing in full faith is not going to get you into Heaven. However, if you don't believe, but act in ways good according to the Church with charity, mercy and all that stuff your likely good to get in. They taught God judges on the worthiness of the soul according to His rules, not by the beliefs of men. The Church could be wrong in its understanding of God's will and desires, so there is every possibility someone not Catholic, not Christian, or fully convinced in Atheism can enter Heaven.
ah... the Faith vs works argument - I once saw a stage play at the Christian school I worked at where everyone on a plane that crashed went to hell for not being believers (this included a couple who spent their lives helping the poor), the only person who was saved was a murderer who cried out for forgiveness as the plane went down...

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