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Worlds of DS9 - Thoughts and review. SPOILER ALERT.

So, having finished the 3 books here are my thoughts.

No question about the best story: Trill.
Awesome action the whole way with a great ending plus a small sad note.

Most disappointing: Dominion
I found it disjointed and in some ways not credible. The Founders discover religion? A Founder admits not to being a god? Sorry, just doesn't add up. Had to force myself to read it to the end.

Most obvious ending: Andor.
Was clear where the narative was heading almost from the start. Nevertheless, well written and kept me reading (until I lost it on the train with my tab. Luckily someone found and returned them.)

Most riveting: Cardassia
Everyone loves a story about a hostage situation. I guessed the ending but that's just one of those things. I guessed the ending to Ender's Game too.

Sudden Ending: Ferenginar
The story kinda ended suddenly. It was obvious from the start that Brunt was resposible but that was OK. Kinda like a Columbo-type "how caught him" drama. Still the ending "scene" was short.
The one bit that I didn't understand was why having a monogamy clause in a marriage contract would be considered old-fashioned.

Most resembled a TV episode: Bajor
Has multiple story lines running together rather like most of the episodes do. Other books do too (especially Dominion) but not as much.
The "Hi, Dad I am married" scene reminded me of the one from The Waltons (yeah - I am THAT old!) when one of the boys (was it Jim-Bob?) turned up married.

Well, those are my thoughts.

Time to move on to Warpath.
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