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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Hope come only the saucer section is visible in the first shot, did the nacelles and secondary hull fall off?
As she skidded along, the secondary hull was sheered off hitting the shore line, the saucer kept on going, the nose was caught and up ended the whole thing.

And the "gap" is much bigger, the part of the building that Khan lands on is only really half way down the cutut, he skids some distance before the shadow of the hull resumes across the building.
Why do you ignore the "evidence" from the movie: one of the only times we actually get a quoted length for scale. He jumps from the bridge, across the gap (approx 30m), and slides down the saucer. It doesn't matter how much of the saucer is exposed or whatnot.
The gap between the bridge and saucer is about fifty meters across. I don't recall from the movie whether Khan lands on a collapsed building after jumping from the bridge or if he lands on the saucer, but I believe Chem is saying he landed on a building first and slides down that, which could explain the size discrepancy from Sulu's thirty meters comment.

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