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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

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do you guys know if that long-rumored 2001 vfx book by a guy named larson is anywhere near publication? I remember corresponding with him about it several years back (possibly on the website), and it is some kind of full-on labor of love, done with a lot of cooperation from Trumbull, and based on something like 80 interviews.

When i was editing a big article on 2001 back in 2000, I thought I was going to get a trip out to see the Ordway archives. Seriously SERIOUSLY bummed me that didn't happen.

I hadn't picked up LOST SCIENCE due to the price, but maybe now I will have to reconsider.
It's pricey, but well worth it.
Right, now that we have them right where they want us.
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