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*** Major Spoilers *** - a Battlestar Q&A with Ron Moore
Ron interview

We’re going to be doing big episodes with the other battlestar, Pegasus. We’ve got a big fighter plane combat episode that’s all about Kara and one of our other pilots named Kat and their competition with each other and sort of with themselves as regards to one Cylon raider out there that keeps coming back and killing pilots again and again.

We’re gonna try to do a couple of really controversial episodes. We’re gonna deal with some sort of hot-button issues of today that will be translated into Galactica’s world. Like abortion is definitely going to become an issue on the show.

We’re going to do a Cylon-oriented episode later in the season that’s sort of a story that’s told primarily from the cylon’s point of view for the first time. Sort of get inside their heads, see what they’re about when they’re not out chasing Galactica. And then we’ve got, of course, a big two-part finale where a lot of things are gonna change, and the show’s gonna sort of make a fairly significant, radical change of direction.

(about the 'Pegausus rape scene') So, a lot of the reaction on the internet is just sort of what people do on the internet. They become very dramatic. It becomes a whole thing for people to get on a soapbox and start yelling at the stars. But that’s OK. That’s what people like to do!
Hey, isen't that refering to us and those 'cylon rights treads'???
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