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Re: Farscape or Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I find it ironic that the Henson creatures turned so many people off, because that was the thing that drew to the series. I have always loved puppetry, especially the stuff done by Henson's Creatures Shop, and sci-fi, so when I heard there was a sci-fi show with Henson puppets I had to watch it. Sadly I was to young to watch it when it first started, so I wasn't able to start watching it until the last season. I since seen the whole thing a couple times, and it is one of my absolute favorite shows. I honestly think the show had some of the best work the Henson Creature Shop ever did. Especially Pilot, he's awesome.

All of this Farscape talk inspired me to watch PK Wars earlier today. Great stuff. But that wasn't enough, so I went ahead and redownloaded the first season that I bought off ITunes a couple years ago, so I can start a rewatch.
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