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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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While looking through the Nick Meyer papers at the University of Iowa I photocopied a June 11, 1990 memo from Ralph Winter to Teddy Zee which lists several production budget numbers of interest. (Some of this info also comes from an undated memo comparing the costs of several of the features, found in the same collection).

TWOK -- $13 million (approved budget was $11 million)
TSFS -- $16,766,830 (approved budget was $16 million)
TVH -- $22,479,687 (approved budget was $23 million)
TFF -- $32,030,271 (approved budget was $31.25 million)

I also have a production budget for TUC (dated April 12, 1990, just before photography commenced) which lists the approved budget at $29,157,511 (though it is plastered with a note indicating that figure doesn't include $1.1 million in overhead costs).
Thanks, it's nice to have specifics.

Wonder what the 1.1 overhead was at that point? Would they have been charging STARFLEET ACADEMY development to TUC? Nobody had used up a pay-or-play either, as Bennett's contract was already up before he departed.

I am surprised that TFF's approved budget was over 30 ... kind of makes me wonder where some of that went. You've got locations work, yeah, got half a mil for Paradise City, maybe 300 grand for the new bridge, whatever it costs to build WONDERFUL new phasers and a couple shuttlecraft mockups ... 300 grand for an unusable rock creature ...

I'm a staunch defender of Shat and TFF, but man, they sure should have spent that money in more efficient ways. This does perhaps show why it was so important for them to release on schedule though. I'd always wondered why they didn't just slip back to xmas and have more time to refine the cut and do some additional VFX work with other vendors (people who could shoot motion control models with natural BLUR!), but I suppose they figured the interest costs alone would be enough to not make the delay worthwhile.
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