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Re: First World Problems

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The ONLY grocery store in NYC that sells the not too ridiculously expensive but definitely ridiculously delicious chocolate I like keeps running out of the 70% bars.
My grocery store stopped selling the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ben & Jerry's. It basically ruined my life.

Then my favorite local restaurant stopped carrying their Super Duper Double Chocolate Cake. That ruined my life further.

I don't even know why I wake up anymore.
When I travel to visit my family, I like to get a certain cheese that's only sold in one particular supermarket up there. Well, I did, until they stopped selling it. They now sell something similar, but slightly different.

It is not the same. NOT THE SAME AT ALL!
I was looking forward to getting a Jimmy John's sandwich the last time I went to IL. They do a turkey with sprouts sandwich that I love. But when I went back, they had stopped doing sprouts and were putting cucumbers in the sandwiches instead. Your "NOT THE SAME AT ALL!" quote is exactly how I felt.
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