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Re: Farscape or Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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I've marathoned Buffy before, finishing the entire series in 5 days before going on to angel at a similar pace. I've done that twice. I've never marathoned Farscape like that. Most I've done is like 4 eps a day.

By the way, I don't recomend doing 144 episodes in five days. It's extremely fun, but not healthy.
Damn. I don't watch much regular TV, typically no more than 3 or 4 shows at a time, and often not even that many, so, I do watch alot of box sets, and probably go through about a season a week. But, 144 episodes in a week? That's over 20 episodes a day. I would probably watch all of Buffy in a month, but a week?
My father and I were bored and has nothing to do. It was a bonding experience.

Buffy is very compelling when you marathon it like that, especially the arc-heavy parts. It actually works better as a marathon than it does if you just watch it episodically.
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