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The ST:TMP novelization was pretty terrible. Did we ever find out who actually ghostwrote it? Too early for the Reeves-Stevenses.
Marshak and Culbreath?
That's REALLY funny. Did you ever read how back in 78 Shatner wished they'd use THE PRICE OF THE PHOENIX as the basis for the first film?

No,I don't think anybody overuses italics quite like they're trotted out in TMP novelization. If you just changed it all to caps, it would seem like the way they include Roddenberry's comments in THE MAKING OF STAR TREK book.

Since GR really didn't have much to do besides give occasional notes on the rough cuts for the better part of a year, and on account of how awful most of it reads, I have never doubted he wrote it. It certainly reflects some of his interests, and very specifically it reflects all the Von Puttkamer tech advisor influence on the space travel aspect, which is also present in the GR draft of IN THY IMAGE (maybe the ONLY thing in his draft that is really an improvement.)

But it would have been nice to have a published novel version of THE GOD THING written by him as a basis for comparison.
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