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Re: Jeri Ryan possibly responsible for Obama's presidency?

"My husband deserves no custody of our children because he wanted to have sex with me."

"Mrs Ryan everyone wants to have sex with you, is there any reason why Jack Ryan's sexual requests were more perverse than you would expect from any other politician?"

"He wanted to have sex not in our bed."

"Did you hear that ladies and gentlemen, the accused Jack "filthy-pants" Ryan demanded to have sex with this brave kind lady who apart from the many children she had with Senator Ryan was almost a virgin, in other rooms in the her own house, possibly even where her children eat!"

"Other rooms! I'm feeling weak like I might faint... After a week of begging, he bribed me with a diamond tennis bracelet to have sex on the floor beside the bed BUT I WOULD NOT LET HIM TURN THE LAMP ON... Because I'm a lady."


How far into hypotheticals do you have to go before you're accusing someone of Orwellian thought-crimes?

Unless Jeri was bound, gagged and dragged into that club against her will, she was complicit up to a point that was well past any meaningful definition of Innocence.
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