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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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Having seen the original movie I will say two things-- I can understand why it was never released, and I still liked it better than the big-screen monstrosities that we got.
Seriously? The Corman movie was a piece of utter crap, IMO. I always assume that folks who say they like it better than the recent FF movies are simply registering their distaste for the Tim Story directed movies.

The Story FF movies weren't great super hero movies but if you focused on Johnny and the Thing you could get some enjoyment out of them. The Corman FF was insanely unwatchable.
I am entirely serious. And I agree that it was a piece of crap. But more important that what it did wrong, is what it did right. The character dynamics and interactions between Reed and Sue and Reed and Doom, for one. The Doom in Corman's movie is insanely, gloriously over the top, as Doom should be. Story's Doom was just another corrupt businessman. Corman's FF felt more like a family story than, er, Story's. Story got most of that important stuff wrong.
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