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Re: Farscape or Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Yeah, I drives me nuts when people dismiss FARSCAPE as just "Muppets in space."

That's like saying that KING KONG is just a movie about stop-motion monkey puppet. Or that GODZILLA is just a man in rubber lizard suit. Or that JAWS is just a dopey movie about a rubber shark!
I must point out that I am hardly speaking from a position of experience when I said Farscape looked rather like The Muppet Show in space so I didn't watch it. I have seen NONE of it.

I still don't fancy it for just that reason, but I may be utterly wrong. In fact, given other peoples impressions, I probably am...

By the way Greg, I just finished Weight of Worlds and really liked it - and I'm not a great fan of TOS novels !

Thanks! Glad you liked the book! And my comment about Farscape wasn't directed at you personally. A lot of people seem to fixate on the Henson/Muppet connection and assume that it can't possibly be a grown-up science fiction series, when it's actually one of the best TV space operas ever. IMHO.

(Full disclosure: I co-edited the FARSCAPE novels and wrote for the official FS magazine back in the day, so I may be biased a little!)
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