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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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7x9-Avenger2.0: Dr. Felger is back, this time without his sidekick Dr.Phlox(Billingsly).
Dr. Coombs, who Felger pretends to talk to to cover up the fact he's actually talking to his mother on the phone.

The group is lead by Enterprise star Jolene Blalock(is Ent over at this point?).
When this episode aired, Enterprise was in its third season.

Jacob and Teal'C manage to sabotage Anubis's and escape but I'm not sure Anubis is anything more than annoyed at the setback as nothing is implied that Anubis himself is in harm following the sabotage.
Basically, yeah. Anubis already has an army of the Super Soldiers, all SG-1 accomplished is delaying when the next batch can be produced.
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