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TMP is a TV episode of the TOS nothing more, nothing special as it should have been, as it could have been.
I probably helps never to have seen "The Changeling" before seeing TMP. But TMP's also a "reunion movie", in the tradition of often very kitsch shows such as "Rescue from Gilligan's Island" and "A Very Brady Christmas". Goldsmith's music was beautiful! The trip around the Enterprise in drydock was amazing for me, as a newbie; I can only imagine some ten-year veteran fans being delirious by such generosity of screentime.

But yeah, coming out of the cinema from my first viewing of TMP (alone), ST 2009 (with a friend who'd also found Trek via TMP) and to a slightly lesser extent STiD (several TrekBBS members), I had that similar feeling of deep, personal satisfaction that I never got from ST II or ST IV, as popular as those films remain.
I think 'captivating' is a great way to describe TMP. I saw it when I was quite young and it was so different from the series that it caught me off-guard in a good way. It looked amazing and I like the way the characters appeared competent, crisp, and professional overall. I thought all it needed was some more character moments between the supporting cast outside of delivering lines and repeating orders, and some exciting scenes off the ship.

However, TWoK holds together as the best of the bunch for me because it works on so many levels. It has its share of dumb moments and I wish a bit more of the background from the novel had made it onto the screen but it is just a great movie.

I think NuTrek is far more childish in its approach than most of its predecessors but the rot started with STIV. STIV is a comedy and works really well but V and VI tried to follow in its footsteps by turning the main cast into caricatures. This works less well in more serious stories.

NuTrek has got the balance right with most of the cast though. They work to give them all a moment in the spotlight and the developing relationships are really fun to watch. A bit more of that in TMP and the movie would have scored even more highly for me.
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