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Re: Ray Manzarek dead at 74

I just gave The Doors a thorough re-listen. My mom was a Doors fan in the day, so this record was kind of a fixture in my childhood. The Doors' overall album output is hit-and-miss for me, though there are many great tracks throughout. But man that was a strong debut album, I can only imagine what a mind-blower it was when it came out. And Manzarek is key: The rhythmic organ punches on "Soul Kitchen," the pretty piano on "The Crystal Ship," the melodic hooks of "Light My Fire" of course. But his left-hand keyboard bass stuff, though it doesn't really sound like a bass player, has a real groove of its own, from the tense rumble of "Break On Through" to the tuba-like "Alabama Song" and even a little "lead bass" on "Take It As It Comes." The guy had a real musical imagination to go with his chops. I think it was one of those situations of the perfect people coming together at the perfect time.

And he always kept playing, I was glad to see this is from last September:

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