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The Comics suffer from the same problem as the movie series a lack of originality, how hard is it to adapt, although slightly skewed, the original series episodes. Give us new stories not rehashes, its for that reason I'm out of the comic series
It seems to me that they HAVE been mostly giving us new stories. The only thing that the tribble story and "The Trouble With Tribbles" had in common was the fact that both stories features tribbles, for example. I wouldn't call that a rehash. Nor have the recent stories been adaptations whatsoever. Sure, maybe the earlier stories fall under this category, but the series has most certainly gotten away from that.
I've enjoyed the mix and match - some stories were retold, some were re-imagined with only the barest bones of the original plot, some have been single issue characters pieces, ad some have been wholly original. I don't really want them to stick to one over the others.

Obviously some stories have been better than others but that will always be the case. My main criticism (apart from the sexism obviously) has been that too many stories fizzle out with convenient, neat endings just when they are getting good. I would like is longer stories, like Countdown to Darkness and the upcoming sequel story. I'm looking forward to where they go next year.

NB: I hope they are going to encounter Chris Chapel again - maybe Korby is able to get a foothold by tricking a less wily captain than Kirk? I hope they don't redraft the Enemy Within to feature Carol instead of Janice - all the women we have need more 'air time' and I don't want them to concentrate all the girl plots into a couple of token female characters. I hope Sulu and Chekov get a bit more development too - Chekov in particular has been under-utilised so far. That might be because landing party membership has largely been copied from season one but it would be nice to see him get a story that suits his character rather than shoe-horn him into a role that doesn't fit just to give him something to do.
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