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Re: Was ANYTHING retained when the Enterprise was refit?

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It was in the early 90's when TNG was huge, that the Okuda's Star Trek Chronology was released, which moved around all the dates, rendering the prior book obsolete. The writers of all subsequent Treks switched to this new dating system.
It's worth noting that the Okuda chronology was extrapolating from what had then been firmly established onscreen. The TNG season 1 finale, "The Neutral Zone," gave Trek's first onscreen mention of the current date in Earth years (2364).
In "Encounter at Farpoint" Data states that he graduated "Class of '78" which is consistent with FASA's updated version of the SFC timeline (in their Next Generation Officer's Manual), which places TNG at the very beginning of the 24th century.

Of course, by that time the SFC dates had already been invalidated by STII's Romulan Ale (although why would a Romulan drink have an Earth year on the label?) and Kirk's comment in STIV that he's from the late 23rd century.
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