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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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I think you are missing my point, you said the British and the Scottish had been at odds since the 1300's, which isn't true. What I think you meant is that the English and Scottish have had some differences since the 1300's.

You said America sided with the English during WWII, which is true to a certain extend. But it wasn't England specifcially, but the United Kingdom of which England is a part that Ameriuca sided with as part of the Allied Powers.

Don't refer to England when you actually mean the United Kingdom.
No I didn't, I completely understood that you saw what I said as wrong because I used British instead of English. I accept that you see these designations in a different way than what I meant. It apparently confused you. What you are seeming to miss is my explanation that I didn't mean "political states" at all, I meant "regional" or "cultural" differences that can occur within "political states".

Are you as careful in designating the difference between the United States, Canada, and Mexico when you use the word American?
But rightly or wrongly the term American is given to people from the USA, The term N. American would encompass Canada, Mexico and the USA.

You forgot to mention places like Brazil, Peru, Chile etc.. after all aren't they in America as well (S. America that is)?

But Scots, Welsh etc.. do not like it when people refer incorrectly to the UK as England, or use terms like British when they mean English or Scottish etc...
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