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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

Posted by physics23:
I've been a Star Trek fan most of my life, and my favorite series has always been The Next Generation. In the past couple of months, however, I have been acquainting myself with Voyager and have been finding it more and more enjoyable by the episode.
When Voyager was first televised, I was disappointed with the casting and scripts, and soon thereafter my interest in Star Trek began to decline. But this time around, I have developed a genuine appreciation for Voyager and, while it has not surpassed The Next Generation in my eyes, it has certainly earned my loyalty and admiration.
At this stage in my journey (I am halfway through the fourth season), my favorite character is Seven of Nine. Indeed, I find I have fallen in love with both her personality and appearance and identify with much of what she represents. Captain Janeway has just confined Seven to the Cargo Bay, a decision I deeply disapprove of, so I am hoping she will soon take her place as a contributing and refreshing member of the crew again.
Ok, that's enough for my introductory post, I think. I am happy to be among likeminded individuals.
Welcome aboard!

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